A great new property and a great new friend!! As fate had it, by chance we found a property on-line 3 hours after it had been listed!! The property definitely ticked all the boxes and we were anxious to get in to view the property before anyone else. It was 10:00 at night when we found the listing and took a crazy chance on calling the listing agent that late, with hopes of getting a morning appointment. Margarete answered in a joyful voice, was just as excited as we were and yes, agreed to meet us at 11:00 the next day! From our first face to face encounter with her at the entrance to the property, we knew had just met someone whom we would have wanted to become friends with regardless of the “business at hand”. Margarete knew the property as if it were her own, she was enthused about it, and was excited for us to learn more! Needless to say, we fell in love with the place, we fell in love with Margarete and now have happy times ahead with she and our new property! VOILA!!! 


— Breezystreet, New Orleans - Client since 2019